Cipaganti Shuttle Service Jakarta - Bandung

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cipaganti shuttle service is a point-to-point people transport system, connecting the two major cities Jakarta and Bandung. Its all begin with the launching of Cipularang Toll Road between jakarta - Bandung in 2005. Since then, there are many point-to-point travel services between Jakarta and Bandung.

Cipaganti services is not limited to the Shuttle Service. Before launching the Shuttle Service, Cipaganti have been serving car rental and travel service in Bandung. There also Courier, Tour, and Property Services by Cipaganti.

For Cipaganti Shuttle Service itself, there now more than 17 points in Jakarta connected to at least 4 points in Bandung. This brings a set of choice for people traveling between Jakarta and Bandung to choose route that perfectly match with their specific needs. If you need to book seat from Jakarta to Bandung, check out Cipaganti Jakarta phone number here.


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